Spine Support
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The best value enhanced offerings of open coil and foam mattresses with varying coil counts, density, firmness and comfort levels. The Spine Support product are expertly crafted in our factories and provide lasting durability and complete comfort. At King Koil, our Spine Support products offer high quality without the premium price tag.

CertiPUR-US TM Certified Foams
CertiPUR-US refers to a certification process that
allows consumers to purchase foam products, such
as mattresses, that contain flexible polyurethane
foam that has been tested and certified.
Soy Based Bio Foam
Chiro Coil TM Innerspring
Chiro Coil TM Innerspring mattress systems are the most
type of innerspring mattress. The Chiro Coil TM as an hour
glass shape that allows for durable and long lasting support
at a reasonable and value enhanced price.
Continuous Contour TM Innerspring
Continuous Contour TM Innerspring uses high tensile steel wire
to produce coils with no knots or sharp bends generating more
surface resiliency and higher durability with 100%
working wire support. The interlocking coils also flex and respond
to adjust to personalized mattress support.
cloud quilt
Cloud Quilt TM Cool Fibres
A layer of polyester fibre provides a plush surface comfort feel
while insulating both the sleeper and the upholstery
layers of the mattress from body heat and moisture.
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100% Proudly made and sold in Canada by 100%
Canadian owned Manufacturing company.
posture guard
Posture Guard TM Steel Sidewall Support
Additional steel wire support placed around the exterior of
innerspring in strategic locations. The Posture Guard TM
Steel Sidewall Support increases the usable sleep surface
of the mattress while preventing sagging on the Edge.