Which Type of Support is Right For My Partner and Me?

If we knew the answer to that question for certain and if there were a magic “right mattress” for every individual or couple, then choosing a mattress would be so much easier. There is a reason that mattress manufacturers utilize a variety of materials and construction methods when creating a specific mattress. Different body types require different types of support and comfort.


 invests countless hours and tremendous resources in research and development when designing the final combination of materials and construction methods which are found in each model we manufacture. The goal of these R&D efforts is to deliver a specific feel and level of support, while attempting to provide the best possible product for an amazing price.

KING KOIL believes that there is no single mattress that is perfect for everyone! Selecting a mattress takes some work just like choosing a new car or a pair of shoes, and if you have done any browsing in-store or online, you may be wondering, “Which type of mattress should I choose?” When answering that question, it is as important to ask “What type of support system is best for me?” Whether purchasing a mattress from the upper end of the product spectrum, or buying a mattress for a guest bedroom or occasional use.

Spring + Foam –

This is the most popular and widely manufactured support system for mattresses.


Once the fastest growing segment of the mattress industry. Demand remains strong but this once red-hot category has cooled in recent years.


The best of both worlds, combining the positive features of Spring + Foam and All-Foam construction into one mattress!

Water –

This isn’t the 1970s – and many if not most mattress stores no longer sell waterbeds.


Popular for its adjustability. Useless if punctured or if one of many parts including the air pump should fail. Air mattresses are a niche product manufactured by a select few companies.