In our 54th year history in Canada, King Koil has established itself as one of nation's leading and largest suppliers of quality sleep products with two state of the art factories in Toronto and Calgary.

A unique association with the Foundation for Chiropractor's Education and Research Association and international prominence as "The World's Best Selling Chiropractor Endorsed Sleep System".

King Koil's factories are privately owned and operated, they are extremely sensitive to the local marketplace, understanding dealer needs and consumer preferences. All factories operate under national specifications, while remaining responsive to the pulse of their regions. This entrepreneurial spirit is key to King Koil's continued growth.

King Koil provides high quality sleep products - priced affordably - that are perceived as true values by the consumer with all the healthful benefits of a good night's sleep.

King Koil is fully E.D.I. capable company and is at the leading edge of electronic order processing, manufacturing and delivery.

King Koil is among Canada's top tier market share leaders and counts among it's valued partners, Sears, Teppermans, Leon's and Bad Boy to name a few. King Koil also supplies Canada's Buying Groups: Cantrex Nationwide, Home Furniture and Mega Brandsource.


King Koil is the only mattress company endorsed by the prestigious Chiropractor group, The Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research.

Last Update: 21-Jan-2013